About Me

Hello, my name is Shane Lagrange. I am an aspiring novelist. Enjoy reading books of all genres. Science fiction and mystery stories are among my favorites. I will soon be hitting the big Six O next month. I am married; twenty-one years now. My life is led in the boonies of Michigan. Like to watch science fiction and horror movies. Own several hounds and a Chihuahua plus a couple of Spynx cat s. Disabled due to Severe anxiety disorder. Currently, I have no books to offer, I do regularly post short stories on Reedseyprompt.

thank you for reading and visiting.


Published by solitaryanime

Aspiring novelist, enjoys Japanese Anime, science fiction and horror movies. Married 21 years,; has Leaopard hounds, Spynx cat and Chihuahua. XBox One Player; PS4. Sufferer of severe anxiety and depression.

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