Time travel

Down the Rabbit Hole of Time: Part One
By Shane Patrick LaGrange

The ability to travel through Time. It has been my passion. since Star Trek. The original series and the episode, City on the Edge of Forever. I am sure you have seen them. I certainly have. The stories on the Google Feed about travelers going back into the pat and forgetting items. Entertaining, but no. I say forget that. I am talking about the real aspects behind jumping through time; not the recent photoshopping nonsense about leaving a modern Smart phone behind or sitting leisurely on the grass in modern clothes. Not to mention Conspiracy Theories (also my passion), about the CIA involvement. Which is possible. If it is not, then prove it. send me back to Dallas, November 22, 1963, shortly after 11 am. Until then, moving on.
The actual workings of a Time Machine are presented as linear by scientists. H.G. Wells: Time Machine, back to the Future films. I wish I could go back to the days of Blockbusters; Family Video). There is a movie that I only saw once, it could tie in well to this.
Anyway, one particularly important thing to consider, the rotation of the earth prior to the traveler leaving. The Earth does move if everything is not locked. . .. well, millions of possibilities in dying.

Science likes the Linear approach. They believe the river of time runs smooth. I believe otherwise. Time is a raging river of potential risks. If the CIA, military does not have their ducks in a row, we might end of serving the Dark God, Cthulhu., or something out of The Mist.
For example, the best one: Men in Black 2. In which K dies back on July 15, 1969. If this were a series, would J still be a member of MIB? No, he would still be James, NYPD. Plot: James would have these recurring feeling and dreams that does not jell with him. Following his gut, He manages to track down MIB Headquarters; breaks in and by the end of the first season, manages to convince the agency, that he is telling the truth before the eye exam.
Now, he is flying off a building at a fast rate of speed before he well, leaps. It the coming back (for the sake of editing, the scene was deleted, perhaps). Any case, coming back, he would be traveling at the same velocity as he left. As Leonard Nimoy said in Fringe, Physic is a Bitch.
Going back to the photoshopped pictures, I wonder. Does Time come with a safety switch. This series is a bit old but a favorite. Voyagers. This is a bout a time traveler, named Phineas Bogg and his young helper, Jeffery.
In episode five “Worlds Apart, the Omni is worn out Bogg and Jeffery become separated. Jeffery meets and helps Thomas Alva Edison with the light bulb. In return, he dismantles the Omni; though he is unable to discovers how it works, he manages to repair it. which leads to the question. Is the main Timeline protected? If one were to go back, Kill Hitler and save the Kennedy brothers. I imagine the timeline would try and compensate. How, we do not know. Shunt the timeline into another branch protecting the main universe, and that goes into Einstein Parallel universe. Thousands of Earths based on the decisions we make. Then we have the future. The future is based on the templates of today. Go one day, wait a couple of weeks; it could be completely different.
Thanks for reading. I will try and not be late in futures references.

part two

I am afraid that I have been lagging a bit in my Post. We have left Michigan ( Thank God)! I was suffering in both my reading and writing. Another year; I am afraid, it would have cost us our marriage. Both of us got tired of being nickled and dimed over that water pump. The elongated winter and constant frozen pipes was draining our energy. Now, we are in Stillwater Oklahoma; I am back on track with the reading and writing. I have one story ready to submit and two I am working on.

Sunday August 22.

I have been on a tremendous low of late. I have not been ignoring my bloging duties, I have just been out of sorts.

Adding an extra pill to my morning seems to have help. First day in a long time I did not want to sleep the afternoon away. Then I also do suffer from Depression as well.

This neighborhood hood once enjoyable is now becoming stagnant. I will explain more later.