part two

I am afraid that I have been lagging a bit in my Post. We have left Michigan ( Thank God)! I was suffering in both my reading and writing. Another year; I am afraid, it would have cost us our marriage. Both of us got tired of being nickled and dimed over that water pump. The elongated winter and constant frozen pipes was draining our energy. Now, we are in Stillwater Oklahoma; I am back on track with the reading and writing. I have one story ready to submit and two I am working on.

Sunday August 22.

I have been on a tremendous low of late. I have not been ignoring my bloging duties, I have just been out of sorts.

Adding an extra pill to my morning seems to have help. First day in a long time I did not want to sleep the afternoon away. Then I also do suffer from Depression as well.

This neighborhood hood once enjoyable is now becoming stagnant. I will explain more later.

Terrible month

June. It started off well. It was my birthday month; I had turned 60. I launched the WordPress site, and things were looking great. I was looking forward to seeing Miranda Lambert in concert,at the Soaring Eagle casino this month.

It soon disintegrated into a unholy WTF. One disaster after another. We hadn’t had this much financial trouble since we lived in Seattle; the problems with Bank Of America. I can only hope July is better.

Wednesday: 5:07 pm

Things have gotten a little bit better. We have money courtsey of our son. Food is of course, very important. Hopefully, we will come out ahead, and not be so overwhelmed with overdrawn. Not sure where we will end up next month, because of the property taxes abd the aforementioned, banking problem, but it will be together. I am so looking forward to seeing our Granddaughter.