Terrible month

June. It started off well. It was my birthday month; I had turned 60. I launched the WordPress site, and things were looking great. I was looking forward to seeing Miranda Lambert in concert,at the Soaring Eagle casino this month.

It soon disintegrated into a unholy WTF. One disaster after another. We hadn’t had this much financial trouble since we lived in Seattle; the problems with Bank Of America. I can only hope July is better.

Wednesday: 5:07 pm

Things have gotten a little bit better. We have money courtsey of our son. Food is of course, very important. Hopefully, we will come out ahead, and not be so overwhelmed with overdrawn. Not sure where we will end up next month, because of the property taxes abd the aforementioned, banking problem, but it will be together. I am so looking forward to seeing our Granddaughter.

My writing life

It almost the middle of June; my birthday is up on the 14th. I cringe as I am about to hit 60. Aside from that, my laptop died recently. On the writing, it’s going well. I post regularly to Reedseyprompt, and I that helps considerably considering what a pain I use to see Flash Fiction as. Next year, I plan to attend my first writers fair. I am looking at a Indie publisher. More on that as it develops. Happy Friday

About Me

Hello, my name is Shane Lagrange. I am an aspiring novelist. Enjoy reading books of all genres. Science fiction and mystery stories are among my favorites. I will soon be hitting the big Six O next month. I am married; twenty-one years now. My life is led in the boonies of Michigan. Like to watch science fiction and horror movies. Own several hounds and a Chihuahua plus a couple of Spynx cat s. Disabled due to Severe anxiety disorder. Currently, I have no books to offer, I do regularly post short stories on Reedseyprompt.

thank you for reading and visiting.


School Bus Initiative

The focus of our last quarter has been working with local groups to improve bus networks. We believe that it is vital to provide transportation options for children living in rural areas. Thanks to our donors we were able to fund 50 buses and 200 cars that transport children to schools all around the globe.